Naval Air Force Reserve – Current

of the United States Navy

Naval Air Force Reserve, based at NAS North Island,CA

          – Tactical Support Wing, based at JRB Fort Worth,TX

          – Fleet Logistic Support Wing, based at JRB Fort Worth,TX 






North Island  
Tactical Support Wing   Fort Worth AF
VFA-204 River Rattlers F-18A+(12) New Orleans AF
VAQ-209 Star Warriors EA-6B(4) Andrews AF
VAW-77 Night Wolves E-2C(4) New Orleans AF
VFC-12 Fighting Omars F-18C(12) Oceana AF
VFC-13 Saints F-5E/F/N(3/1/14) Fallon AF
VFC-111 Soundowners F-5F/N(1/18) Key West AF
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Fleet Logistic Support Wing   Fort Worth  
VR-1 Starlifters C-20D(2),C-37B(2) Andrews JK
VR-1/ETDP Starlifters C-37A(1) Andrews JK
VR-46 Peach Airlines C-9B(4) Fort Worth JS
VR-48 Capital Skyliners C-20G(2) Andrews JR
VR-51 Windjammers C-20G(2) MCAF Kaneohe Bay RG
VR-52 Taskmasters C-9B(4) Willow Grove JT
VR-53 Capital Express C-130T(4) Andrews AX
VR-54 Revelers C-130T(4) New Orleans CW
VR-55 Minuteman C-130T(3) Point Mugu RU
VR-56 Globemasters C-9B(4) Oceana JU
VR-57 Conquistadors C-40A(3) North Island RX
VR-58 Sun Seekers C-40A(3) Jacksonville JV
VR-59 Lonestar Express C-40A(3) Fort Worth RY
VR-61 Islanders C-9B(4) Whidbey Island RS
VR-62 Nomads C-130T(4) Jacksonville JW
VR-64 Condors C-130T(3) Willow Grove LU
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Figures in brackets indicate number of aircraft flown in each squadron.

ETDP = Executive Transport Detachment Pacific

JRB = Joint Reserve Base

MCAF Marine Corps Air Facility

NAS = Naval Air Station

VAQ = Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron

VAW = Carrier Airborne Early Warning Squadron

VFA = Strike Fighter Squadron
VFC = Fighter Squadron Composite
VR = Fleet Logistics Support Squadron

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