unidentified Helicopter Regiment M

of the North Korean Air Force

Key Facts

Short Name:
Nickname: unknown
Main Role: Transport
Secondary Role: -
First Formed: n/a
Parent Unit: 5th Air Transport Division
Current Status: Active


This unidentified Aviation Regiment operates a variety of Mil helicopters in the VIP, passenger transport and cargo transport roles.

Subordinate Units

one helicopter squadron with Mi-4
one helicopter squadron with Mi-8/Mi-17
one helicopter squadron with Mi-26


Type Qty Service Example Serials
Mi-4   ?? – Present  
Mi-8   ?? – Present  
Mi-17   ?? – Present  
Mi-26   ?? – Present  

Unit Markings

Figure 1
To be added

Main Bases

Base Duration
? ?
? ?
Yonggang-ni AB ?? – Present


None currently available.

More Information


  • Jane’s World Air Forces

Other Sources

To be added.

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