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Kong Le Air Force History

Captain Kong Le was a paratroop officer who, in August 1960, seized control of the capitol Vientiane in a Coup d'Etat. Kong Le was opposed to US influence in Laos, and allied himself with the Pathet Lao, PL. The Royal Lao Government, which had fled to Savannakhet in southern Laos, re-took Vientiane with US assistance in December 1960. After a brief battle, Kong Le took refuge to the Plain des Jarres. His forces brought four aircraft with them, two L-20s and two C-47s. After the signing of the Geneva Accord in 1962, three Lisunov Li-2s were handed over to Kong Le by the USSR. By 1963, however, Kong Le had broken off his earlier alliance with the Pathet Lao, and sought to re-establish his ties with the Royal Lao Government.

It is not known how much use Kong Le made of his limited air assets. It is possible that the Li-2 which crashed on the Plain des Jarres belonged to the "Kong Le Air Force". Remaining aircraft, if any, were presumably re-integrated into the Royal Lao Air Force by the spring of 1963.

It is unknown which insignia was carried by the Kong Le aeroplanes.

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