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A-4H Skyhawk serial 230 at the Hatzerim Museum

Unit History

102 Squadron

(102 Tayeset "Ha'Namer Ha'Meofeef" - The Flying Tiger Squadron)
Role: Attack

This long established unit is well known within Israel as the IDF/AF's premier attack squadron - although precise historical details are very hard to obtain. The Flying Tigers have been identified as 102 Squadron.

The squadrons initial equipment is not at present known, although it may have been an early light transport unit.

It is known, however, that the Flying Tiger squadron was the fourth unit to convert to the Skyhawk when it equipped with the A-4H in 1968. The unit is also thought to have received some A-4E variants. By 1975 the Flying Tiger squadron had converted to the A-4N variant, a type which it still operates. The A-4Ns came from 110 and Yellow Bird squadrons. The unit is currently based at Hatzerim.

The 'winged tiger' badge carried by this unit should not be confused with insignia of the Advanced Flying Training squadron, which uses a similar winged leaping-animal badge. The correct badge for later marks of A-4 is shown in Figure 93. Squadron aircraft carry a blue rudder with white horizontal stripes, or a solid dark blue rudder.

Closer view of the fin and rudder markings

The unit marking on 230 is showing some wear

A-4Ns 328 and 419 in close formation over the Dead Sea. (photo, Israeli Air Force)
Another view of 328 and 419.
(photo, Israeli Air Force)
419 banks away from 328. (photo, Israeli Air Force)

Air Bases:
Base Duration
Hatzor 1968-1975
Eitam 1975-?
Ramon ?-?
Hatzerim ?-Present

Aircraft Used:
Type Qty Service Badge Example Serials
A-4H241968 - 19751232,272,724, 725,790
TA-4H1Sept 1969 - Present1702
A-4E/TA-4Fsome1970's - 19752 605,606,608,831
A-4N301975 - Present2 419

Unit Insignia:
Figure 1 Figure 2
to be added
Figure 2 courtesy of Amos Dor

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