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A Boeing 707 tanker refuels one of the Lavi prototypes. (photo, Israeli Air Force)

Unit History:

120 Squadron

(120 Tayeset "Ha'Bienleomiet" - The International Squadron)
Role: Transport

The long range VIP squadron was formed in late 1962/early 1963 with four C-47s. To this core were added the B-377M Statos and KC-97s as they individually emerged from a comprehensive overhaul by Bedek Aviation. The first Stratocruiser being delivered in February 1964. A total of 14 B-377Ms and KC-97Gs were eventually used (see table for details) before the last one was retired in April 1978. During the Six Day WAr, one old Super Constellation was mobilsed from El Al for personnel/cargo transportation on the Lod - Sinai - Lod re-supply run.

Two C-130H were received in October and November 1971, but later passed on to 131 sqn.

The first Boeing 707 was delivered in January 1972, and the type eventually completely replaced the Stratos. The Boeing 707 fleet has included nine EW versions, four tankers and at least one dedicated medical aircraft. Lod is actually Ben Gurion Air Base (at Ben Gurion IAP).

Air Bases:
Base Duration
Lod (Ben Gurion) 1962-Present

Aircraft Used:
Type Qty Service Badge Example Serials
C-47/DC-34late 1962 -1972+14X-FNN/16
B-377M5Feb 64 - Dec 751 4X-FPV/10, W/15,X/98,Y/97,Z/96
Super Constellation1June 196714X-???
KC-97F1Nov 68 - Dec 751 4X-FPU/038
KC-97G8June 67 - April 781 4X-FPM/40, N/39,O/35,P/30,Q/32,R/33,S/37,T/31
C-130H2Oct 71 - 19761 4X-JUA/02, 4X-JUB/06
Boeing 707- 124/1313/10Jan 1973 - Jan 19841 4X-JYA,JYB, JYD,JYH,JYI
Boeing 707- 300 srs16+May 1977 - Present1 4X-JYK,JYN, JYV,JYW,JYZ
IAI 1123 Westwind 12Oct 1973 - Present 1 4X-JYR/035 (4X-JYG/064 loaned)

Unit Insignia:
Figure 1
Figure 1 courtesy of Amos Dor

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