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Unit History:

122 Squadron

(122 Tayeset "Ha'Dakotah" - The Dakota Sqn)
Role: Medium Transport

A new Dakota squadron (122 sqn) was formed in 1962, with aircraft from 103 squadron. Although unit strength had declined to only ten aircraft by 6 October 1973, the receipt of further aircraft has boosted numbers to around twenty C-47s at present.

Three Aravas were commandeered in October 1973 for front-line supply and casevac missions, all but one being returned to their original owners after the war. The C-47s played a useful part in the 1982 invasion of Lebanon, flying supplies from a forward airstrip at Nabatiya inside Lebanese territory. Three new Aravas were introduced by 1984, but squadron personnel preferred the Dakota! At least two RC-47s have extra aerials for the ELINT role and are now being painted in an overall grey scheme.

Air Bases:
Base Duration
Lod (Ben Gurion) 1962-Present

Aircraft Used:
Type Qty Service Badge Example Serials
C-47/DC-3201962 - Present14X-FMF/040,FMU/042,FNE/032,FNL/04,FNZ,034
IAI Arava 101/2011/2Oct 1973 - 1974- 4X-IAB
IAI Arava 20131982 - 1984?2 

Unit Insignia:
Figure 1 Figure 2
Figures 1 & 2 courtesy of Amos Dor

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