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199 Squadron

(No Nickname Known)
Role: Fighter

199 Squadron is thought to be the shadow designation for part of the force of Mystere IVAs deployed to Israel by the Armee de L'Air during the Suez Campaign. The majority of the aircraft from EC 2 deployed to Ramat David in October 1956, as 199 Squadron. The remaining aircraft assumed the designation 201 sqn. There have been several reports that these aircraft operated in Israeli markings during this period.

Air Bases:
Base Duration
Ramat David Oct 1956-Dec 1956
Sedof Mikha Present

Aircraft Used:
Type Qty Service Badge Example Serials
Mystere IVA18Oct 1956 - Dec 1956  
Jericho IRBM-Present  

Unit Insignia:
Figure 1 Figure 2
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