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35 Squadron

(Nickname not known)
Role: Light Transport/Dive Bomber (Harvard only)

First formed as Number 35 Flight, the initial equipment of this unit comprised five C-64A Norseman, which were delivered from the first week of May 1948. Popular and powerful, the Norseman provided virtually all of the frontline airlift capability of the Sherut Avir in the first weeks of Israel's existence. Although fitted with locally made bomb racks, they were mostly active flying supplies and liaison missions - most notably in support of Operation Avak, from August 1948, flying supplies to Sodom on the South-Western coast of the Dead Sea, as the larger transports could not land there.

By late November 1948 the unit was redesignated 35 Squadron and re-equipping with Harvards, serialled B-63 to B-72 (later 1101 to 1110 and 1113). The aircraft were immediately pressed into service, with camouflage and locally fitted armament, in the close support role. Attacking from a 70 degree dive proved remarkably successful, and the type was continually in action. Following the conclusion of the War of Independence, the unit was disbanded in May 1949 and the Harvards transferred to advanced training duties with the newly established Flight School.

Air Bases:
Base Duration
Tel Nof May 1948 - May 1949

Aircraft Used:
Type Qty Service Badge Example Serials
C-64A Norseman5May 1948 - October 1948-B-52,53,54,55,
AT-6 Harvard10November 1948 - May 1949-1105,1107,1113

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