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Unit 505

(Gadn"a Avir)
Role: Cadet Training

This unit is not a squadron but a cadet training organisation which flies a collection of sailplanes and microlights for sport and training. The Hebrew nickname is short for 'Gdudey No'ar Ivri - Avir', or Hebrew Youth Battalions - Air, or more simply Israeli Air Cadets.

This unit was once, (during the 1950s), designated as 128 squadron, which in those days operated T-31 gliders and even AT-6 Harvards. Then the squadron was closed and training transferred to the Gadn"a, which is a "Green" command of the IDF and not the Air Force.

On 1980 the unit was returned to the Air Force as Unit 505. The IDF could not see any sense in operating an Air Force oriented unit with activities which had to be co-ordinated with the Air Force.

This unit now trains youths in a four year programme which includes model airplane building and flying:

In the first year the guys, (also girls), learn basic modelling including a summer camp which takes place at an Air Force Base, (not always the same one), then in the second year they can get special training in free flight or R/C modelling, (including training as an Instructors Assistant).

On the third year the cadets get to choose between an Aerodynamic course at the Technion, Aircraft recognition at the IAF/AD school or Gliding in the KA-7 at Meggido, (these gliders belong to the Israeli Flight Club), and participation at the IACE (International Air Cadet Exchange).

In the fourth year they can take part in the IACE, or Advanced Aerodynamics at the Technion, or Flying PA-18s at the IAF Flight School.

The Unit's sign is a bow and arrow, (the Gadn'a sign - derived from the verse "Teaching the sons of Judea Archery"), with wings added.

Air Bases:
Base Duration
Meggido* Present
Ein Shemer* Present
* These are the homes of gliding clubs used to give cadets air experience.

Aircraft Used:
Type Qty Service Badge Example Serials
misc. microlights-Present-civil reg'ns
misc. sailplanes-Present-civil regn's

Unit Insignia:
Figure 1

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