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Galilee Squadron

("Ha'Galil/Lion Squadron")
Role: Liaison/Light attack

This unit was responsible for air operations in Northern Israel during the War of Independence, centred on its main base at Yavneel, (later Ramat David). Some sources refer to this unit as the 'Judean' squadron. It was first formed on 5 April 1948 at Yavneel, the location of the Golani Brigade's headquarters. Early operations were hampered by Syrian Air Force bombing attacks, and the unit moved bases a number of times to avoid this. In late June 1948 it was designated 3 Squadron. In a 16 day period in early July 1948, the Galilee Squadron undertook 91 bombing sorties and droppped more than one ton of bombs, all with just 4 Austers. It subsequently received a message of praise from the Northern Front Commander. Peak strength was only 7 aircraft. In May 1949 the unit was amalgamated into the newly formed 100 Squadron.

Air Bases:
Base Duration
Yavneel 5 Apr 1948 - 19 May 1948
Ma'hanaim 19 May 1948 - 26 May 1948
Ramat David 26 May 1948 - late June 1948
Yavneel late June 1948 - May 1949

Aircraft Used:
Type Qty Service Badge Example Serials
Auster AOP.545 April 1948 - May 1949 -VQ-PAI/10,PAI/12,
DH.89 Dragon Rapide15 April 1948 - May 1949-S-72
Beech Bonanza15 April 1948 - May 1949-B-42
F-24R Argus1mid Apr 1948 - 4 June 19481VQ-PAM
Piper L-4 Cub7December 1948 - May 1949-0409

Unit Insignia:
Figure 1
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