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The Hatzerim museum has a replica Taylorcraft Model C, marked VQ-PAH.

Unit History

Tel Aviv Squadron

("Panther Squadron")
Role: Liaison/Light attack

The Tel Aviv squadron was initially responsible for all air operations in Palestine/Israel during the War of Independence, from its main base at Sde Dov, near Tel Aviv. It first was formed on 27 December 1947 at Sde Dov, with all the Sherut Avir's existing aircraft - except for the RWD.15 which was still at Lydda. The new unit's main tasks were listed as liaison, transport, intelligence gathering, escorting convoys of vehicles and training young pilots. It's area of responsibility was reduced to just central Israel after the acquisition of more aircraft and the formation of the Negev Squadron on 10 March 1948. Since Sde Dov was still under RAF control until May 1948, any illicit cargo (such as bombs or guns) had to be smuggled past the British Guards. In late June 1948 it was designated 1 Squadron. Peak strength was 22 aircraft. Other rough airstrips used included kibbutz Na'an, Gosh Etzion, Bet Ashel and Gaza East (Be'erot Itschak). In May 1949 the unit was amalgamated into 100 Squadron.

Air Bases:
Base Duration
Sde Dov 27 December 1947 - May 1949

Aircraft Used:
Type Qty Service Badge Example Serials
RWD-13227 Dec 1947 - Jan 1949-VQ-PAL,PAM
Auster J-1 Autocrat127 Dec 1947 - May 1949-VQ-PAS
DH89 Dragon Rapide3+27 Dec 1947 - May 1949-VQ-PAR,S-74,S-75,S-76
DH82C Tiger Moth227 Dec 1947 - May 1948-VQ-PAT,PAU
RC-3 Seabee127 Dec 1947 - 15 May 1948-(VQ-PAV) A-60
Taylorcraft BL227 Dec 47 - May 1949-VQ-PAI,PAJ
C-64A Norseman2+May 1948 - Dec 1948- 
Miles Aerovan 4117 June 48 - 17 July 48-B-71
Fchld Argus314 May 48 - 14 Aug 1948-B-31,B-32,B-33
Beech Bonanza35 May 48 - May 1949-B-41,B-42
Auster AOP.33late Feb 1948 - May 1949-VQ-PAS/7,A-1,A-13
Auster AOP.54late Feb 1948 - May 1949-VQ- PAS/5,PAI/2,PAJ/3,PAI/5,A-10,A-12,A-31
N.1203 Norecrin2June 1948 - May 1949 -169,170
Piper L-4 Cub4Sept 1948 - May 1949-A-60,A-67,A-69

Unit Insignia:
Figure 1
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