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Shenyang F-5 serial 4-37. (photo, Andy Cela)

Current Order of Battle:

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Regiment Squadron Type Base
Krahu Ajror, Rinas (Repart i Ushtarak 3360) Tiranė-Rinas
  detachment Y-5/An-2  
Regjimenti i Transportit Ajror, Farka (Repart i Ushtarak 3340) Tiranė-Farka
  3 Skuadrilja AB.205A-1  
  7 Skuadrilja AB.206C-1  
  ? Skuadrilja MBB Bo 105M  
Akademia e Forcave Ajrore, Kuēovė/Vlorė (Repart i Ushtarak 4030) Vlorė
  1 Skuadrilja CJ-6 Berat-Kuēovė
    AS.350* Tiranė-Lapraka Aerodrome

Akademia e Forcave Ajrore = Air Force Academy.
Krahu Ajror = Air Wing.
Regjimenti i Transportit Ajror = Air Transport Regiment.
Repart i Ushtarak = Military Unit.

* Operated on behalf of the Government.
There are reserve bases at Akerni (Pish Poro), Lezhė-Zadrima (Gjadėr), and Tiranė-Lapraka.

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