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Aviation Regiment 4004 (9011 Regiment)
Role: Pilot Training

Aviation Regiment 4004 is the Albanian Air Force Military Air Academy. It has performed all pilot training since it was first established on 11 May 1962. 4004 Regt was formerly known as 9011 Regt, before it was renumbered in the early 1990s. For most of its existence, the unit comprised two squadrons, one operating the CJ-6 and the second the MiG-15TI/MiG-15bis. The latter unit operated under 4030 Regt control. Student pilots undertook a 3 year course comprising 12 months on the CJ-6 basic trainer followed by 2 years on the MiG-15UTI, finishing on the single-seat MiG-15bis. Pilot's that failed the jet conversion course were moved onto helicopters at Farka or An-2s at Tiranë. In the summer, regular detachments were deployed to the reserve base at Akemi.

In March 1997 aircraft and training facilities were damaged by rioters. Flying training was unable to continue. In 2001 the Air Academy merged with 4030 Regt at Kucove to form the Akademia e Forcave Ajrore. Flying training resumed in April 2004 and takes place from Kucove only.

1 Skuadrilja
Primary & basic pilot training squadron.
Aircraft Used:
Type Qty Service Badge Example Serials
Nanchang CJ-620May 1962 - March 1997 04,08,36,37,48

Air Bases:
Base Duration
Vlorė May 1962 - March 1997

Unit Insignia:
Figure 1


  • Air Forces Monthly April 2004

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