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III Brigada Aérea


Role: Transport/Liaison.

The unit was formed in 1940 at Base Aérea Maquehue/Temuco, when II Brigada Aérea moved to Base Aérea El Bosque at Santiago and was composed of Grupo de Aviación 3 at Temuco, Grupo de Aviación 5 at Puerto Montt.


In 1977 the system of the Brigadas Aéreas was dissolved and the Ala became the largest operational unit. But it was only on 21.4.1980 that the unit was reactivated. Ala N° 5 at Base Aérea El Tepual/Puerto Montt, Grupo de Aviación 3 (Attack) with A-36 and Grupo de Aviación 5 (Communication) with CASA 212 became part of the brigade.


At about 1997 the unit consisted of the Ala Base N° 5, composed of Grupo de Aviación 3 (Attack) with A-36, Grupo de Aviación 5 (Communication) with CASA 212 and Escadrilla de Enlace 15 with five ENAER T-35B and two MBB Bo-105.



Air Bases:



Base Aérea Maquehue/Temuco

1940 - n/a

Base Aérea El Tepual/Puerto Montt

n/a - Present


Unit Insignia:


III Brigada Aérea



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