Ecuador Naval Aviation Current Order of Battle
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Current Order of Battle:

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Unit Type Base
Escuadrón Aeronaval 100 CN-235MPA, King Air 200/350, Heron, Searcher Manta/EA de Manta
Escuadrón Aeronaval 200

CN-235M, King Air 200/300/350,

Bell 230/430, TH-57A

Guayaquil/EA de Guayaquil
Escuadrón Aeronaval 300 Guayaquil/EA de Guayaquil
Escuela de Aviación Naval T-35B, Bell 206B Manta/EA de Manta
Estación Aeronaval de Galápagos Bell 430 San Cristóbal/EA de Galápagos

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