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All-Time Units list:

This page lists the known flying units of the Bulgarian Aviation Corps/Bulgarian Air Force.

A list of historical orders of battle is also available.

Odelenie & Komanda (1912-1919)
Orliak & Yato (1919-1945)
Misc. Units

Odelenie & Komanda (1912-1919):
1 Aeroplane Otdelenie
1 Aeroplane Otdelenie (2)
2 Aeroplane Otdelenie
2 Aeroplane Otdelenie (2)
3 Aeroplane Otdelenie
1 Balloon Otdelenie
1 Balloon Otdelenie (2)
2 Balloon Otdelenie
2 Balloon Otdelenie (2)
3 Balloon Otdelenie
Aeroplane & Balloon Otdelenie
Airship Komanda
Fighter Komanda - Aeroplane Depot
Orliak & Yato (1919-1945):
Sports (Fighter) Yato
Transport (Bombing) Yato
Postal (Reconnaissance) Yato
Mixed Orliak
Officer Training Orliak
Training Orliak
1. Army Orliak
2. Army Orliak
2. Fighter Orliak
3. Reconnaissance Orliak
5. Bomber Orliak
Misc. Units:
Aeroplane Depot
Aeroplane School
Gendarmerie Air Otdelenie
People's Air School
1st (Initial Training) Escadrila
2nd (Basic Training) Escadrila
3rd (Advanced Training) Escadrila
8th Reconnaissance Floatplane Escadrila
1 Education and Training Air Regiment
2 Combat Training Air Regiment
2nd Attack Aviopolk
3 Education and Training Air Regiment
13 Attack Helicopter Air Regiment
14th Air Transport Aviopolk
15 Fighter Air Regiment
15th Reconnaissance Aviopolk
16th Fighter Aviopolk
16 Air Transport Air Regiment
18 Fighter Air Regiment
19 Fighter Air Regiment
21 Fighter Air Regiment
22 Attack Air Regiment
23 Fighter-Bomber Air Regiment
25th Mine-Torpedo Aviopolk
26 Reconnaissance Air Regiment
36th Fighter Aviopolk
44 Transport Helicopter Air Regiment
1 Air Defence Division
2 Air Defence Division
6th Fighter-Attack Division

(Any additional information on these units is welcomed)

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