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Current Order of Battle:

Squadron Type Base
131 (EMVO) Sqn Pilatus PC-7 Woensdrecht
298 Sqn CH-47D Chinook Soesterberg
300 Sqn AS.532U2 Cougar, Alouette III Soesterberg
301 Sqn AH-64DN Longbow Apache Gilze-Rijen
303 Sqn/SAR Vlucht AB.412SP Leeuwarden
306 Sqn F-16AM/BM Volkel
311 Sqn F-16AM/BM Volkel
312 Sqn F-16AM/BM Volkel
313 Sqn F-16AM/BM Twenthe
322 Sqn F-16AM/BM Leeuwarden
323 Sqn F-16AM/BM Leeuwarden
334 Sqn Fokker 50, C-130H, KDC-10, Fokker 60U, Gulfstream IV Eindhoven
NATD AH-64DN Longbow Apache Fort Hood, TX, USA

EMVO = Elementaire Militaire Vlieg Opleiding
NATD = Netherlands Apache Training Detachment

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