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Air Bases and Airfields

This page gives details of some of the air bases and airfields which are, or have been, used by the Portuguese Navy.

BA6 Montijo (ICAO code: LPMT)
Air Base 6 (BA6) is located directly across the bay from Lisbon, at the end of a peninsula that projects into the bay, about 5 km from the town of Montijo. It was originally constructed in 1953 for the original Portuguese Naval Air Arm, and became an FAP Air Base when the Army and Navy air arms merged on 12 June 1954. The present Esquadrilha de Helicopteros da Marinha was formed here in 1993.
Runway data: Location: N38 42' 13.90" W009 02' 09.30", Elev: 46 ft (14 m), Rwy 08/26, Size: 8005 x 148 ft (2440 x 45 m), Rwy 01/19, Size: 7044 x 148 ft (2147 x 45 m).

Aerodromos em Portugal

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