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Naval Aviation

Ship Flights and Aircraft-Carrying Ships

This page gives details of the ships which were, or are, used by the aircraft and helicopters of the Portuguese Navy since 1993.

'Baptista de Andrade'-class (Corvette)
Aft helicopter deck for Super Lynx helicopter.
Pennant NumberNRP (Name)CommissionedDecommissionedDeck Code
F486Baptista de AndradeNov 1974current??
F487João RobyMar 1975current??
F488Alfonso CerquieraJune 1975current??
F489Oliveira e CarmoFeb 19762002??

'Rover'-class (Fleet Oiler)
Former Royal Fleet Auxiliary 'Blue Rover', with aft helicopter deck but no hangar.
Pennant NumberNRP (Name)CommissionedDecommissionedDeck Code
A5210BérrioFeb 1976currentBE

'Vasco da Gama'-class (Frigate)
MEKO 200 type. Hangar space for two Super Lynx helicopters, but normally only one each.
Pennant NumberNRP (Name)CommissionedDecommissionedDeck Code
F330Vasco da GamaNov 1990currentVG
F331Álvares CabralJan 1991currentA
F332Corte-RealFeb 1992currentCR

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