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Esquadrilha de Helicopteros da Marinha

After training by the Royal Navy, the Esquadrilha de Helicopteros da Marinha (EHM, Naval Helicopter Flight) was officially established on 24 September 1993, (not 1995 as other sources state). The helicopters are individually deployed to Vasco da Gama-class Frigates and operate as an integrated part of the Frigate's weapons system. Specifically, the helicopters carry out Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW), Anti-Surface Warfare (ASuW) and naval interdiction missions. They can also perform Search and Rescue, patrol and VIP transport duties. The EHM is unofficially referred to as 661 Esquadrilha, using the FAP's unit designation system.

Air Bases:
Base Duration
BA6 Montijo Sept 1993 - Present

Aircraft Used:
Type Qty Service Badge Example Serials
Super Lynx Mk.955Sept 1993 - Present  

Unit Insignia:
Figure 1


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