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Naval Aviation

Narrative History:
November 1913 Royal Naval Air Service Formed. 1 April 1918 amalgamated with RFC into Royal Air Force. 1924 Fleet Air Arm to be provided by the RAF - Navy has operational control only while afloat. 1937 Admiralty finally takes over full control of the Fleet Air Arm. During the Second World War the FAA made a vital contribution to the Battle of the Atlantic, and also to the war in the Pacific. 1946 FAA renamed Naval Aviation. 1949 start of operations on Malaya. 1950-1953 carrier borne operations in Korean War. March 1954 Naval Aviation renamed FAA. November 1956 Suez Campaign. During the late 1960's gradually withdrew from overseas territories to concentrate on European defence. Involved in the 1982 operation to recapture the Falkland Islands from Argentina. Participant in the Gulf War of 1991. Supported NATO operations over Bosnia and in the Adriatic enforcing United Nations sanctions on Yugoslavia.

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