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Air Combat Command

Current Order of Battle:

9th AF                     Shaw AFB,SC 12th AF (AFSOUTH) Davis Monthan AFB,AZ
-    1st FW               Langley AFB,VA -    7th BW            Dyess AFB,TX
-    4th FW               Seymour Johnson AFB,NC -    9th RW            Beale AFB,CA
-    20th FW             Shaw AFB,SC -    28th BW          Ellsworth AFB,SD
-    23rd WG             Moody AFB,GA -    49th WG          Holloman AFB,NM
-    325th FW            Tyndall AFB,FL -    55th WG          Offutt AFB,NE
-    461st ACW(A)     Robins AFB,GA -    355th FW         Davis Monthan AFB,AZ
Direct Reporting Units -    366th FW         Mountain Home AFB,ID
-    U.S. Air Force Warfare Center    Nellis AFB,NV -    388th FW         Hill AFB,UT
-    53rd WG                  Eglin AFB,FL -    432nd WG        Creech AFB,NV
-    57th WG                  Nellis AFB,NV -    552nd ACW      Tinker AFB,OK 





Code State


Langley   US
9.AF Shaw   US
1.FW   Langley FF US
27.FS F-22A Langley FF US
94.FS F-22A Langley FF US
4.FW   Seymour Johnson SJ US
333.FS (FTU) F-15E Seymour Johnson SJ US
334.FS (FTU) F-15E Seymour Johnson SJ US
335.FS F-15E Seymour Johnson SJ US
336.FS F-15E Seymour Johnson SJ US
4.RangeS   Dare County BECR SJ US
20.FW   Shaw SW US
55.FS F-16C/D Shaw SW US
77.FS F-16C/D Shaw SW US
79.FS F-16C/D Shaw SW US
23.WG   Moody MY US


  Moody MY US
74.FS A-10C Moody MY US
75.FS A-10C Moody MY US


  Moody MY US


  Moody MY US



Moody MY US



Moody MY US


  McDill MY US


  Avon Park MY US


  Davis Monthan MY US


  Davis Monthan MY US



Davis Monthan MY US


  Nellis MY US



Nellis MY US



Davis Monthan MY US


  Nellis MY US
325.FW   Tyndall TY US
43.FS F-22A Tyndall TY US
461.ACW (A)   Robins JS US
ACCS (A) E-8C Robins JS US
ACCS (A) E-8C Robins JS US
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12.AF (Air Forces Southern) Davis Monthan   US
7.BW   Dyess DY US
9.BS B-1B Dyess DY US
28.BS B-1B Dyess DY US
9.RW   Beale BB US
1.RS (FTU) U-2S/T, RQ-4A/B, T-38C Beale BB US
5.RS U-2S Osan BB SK
12.RS RQ-4A/B Beale BB US
99.RS U-2S/T Beale BB US
427.RS MC-12W Beale BB US
Det.1 RQ-4B Grand Forks BB US
Det.3 RQ-4A/B Andersen BB GU
28.BW   Ellsworth EL US
34.BS B-1B Ellsworth EL US
37.BS B-1B Ellsworth EL US
49.WG   Holloman HO US
7.FS F-22A Holloman HO US
6.RS (FTU) MQ-1 Holloman HO US
9.AttS (FTU) MQ-9 Holloman HO US
16.TrainS (FTU) MQ-1, MQ-9 Holloman HO US
29.AttS (FTU) MQ-9 Holloman HO US
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55.WG   Offutt OF US
   55.OG   Offutt OF US
1.ACCS E-4B Offutt OF US
38.RS RC-135V/W, TC-135W Offutt OF US
45.RS RC-135S/U, OC-135B Offutt OF US
82.RS RC-135V/W Kadena OF JA
95.RS RC-135V RAF Mildenhall OF GB
95.RS/Det. 1 RC-135V Souda Bay OF GR
343.RS TC-135W Offutt OF US
338.CTS RC-135V/W Offutt OF US
   55.ECG   Davis-Monthan DM US
41.ECS EC-130H Davis-Monthan DM US
42.ECS (FTU) TC-130H Davis-Monthan DM US
43.ECS EC-130H Davis-Monthan DM US
390.ECS (USN) EA-18G NAS Whidbey Island DM US
97.IntS   Offutt OF US
97.IntS/OL-TT   Tinker OF US
169.IntS (UTANG)   Salt Lake City OF US
390.IntS   Kadena OF JA
488.IntS   RAF Mildenhall OF GB
488.IntS/Det.1   RAF Digby OF GB
488.IntS/OL-RM   RAF Molesworth OF GB
488.IntS/OL-RS   Souda Bay/Crete OF GR
355.FW   Davis Monthan DM US
354.FS A-10C Davis Monthan DM US
357.FS (FTU) A-10C Davis Monthan DM US
358.FS (FTU) A-10C Davis Monthan DM US
607.ACS   Luke DM US
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366.FW   Mountain Home MO US
389.FS F-15E Mountain Home MO US
391.FS F-15E Mountain Home MO US
726.ACS   Mountain Home MO US
366.RangeS   Saylor Creek MO US
388.FW   Hill HL US
4.FS F-16C/D Hill HL US
421.FS F-16C/D Hill HL US
729.ACS   Hill HL US
432.WG   Creech CH US
11.RS MQ-1 Creech CH US
15.RS MQ-1 Creech CH US
17.RS MQ-1, MQ-9 Creech CH US
30.RS RQ-170 Tonopah CH US
42.AttS MQ-9 Creech CH US
432.WG/Det.5 MQ-1, MQ-9 Holloman CH US
552.ACW   Tinker OK US
960.AACS E-3C Tinker OK US
963.AACS E-3C Tinker OK US
964.AACS E-3C Tinker OK US
965.AACS E-3C Tinker OK US
966.AACS (FTU) E-3B/C, TC-18E Tinker OK US
       Coronet Oak   Munoz Marin IAP   PR
35.EAS C-130E/H (TDY) Munoz Marin IAP   PR
  Coronet Nighthawk   Hato IAP/Curacao   NL
429.EOS E-3B/C, KC-135R (TDY) Hato IAP/Curacao   NL
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USAFWC   Nellis   US
53.WG   Eglin   US
   53.EWG   Eglin   US
16.EWS   Eglin   US
16.EWS/Det.1   Tyndall   US
36.EWS   Eglin   US
68.EWS   Eglin   US
453.EWS   Eglin   US
513.EWS   Eglin   US
53.EWG/Det.1   Nellis   US
   53.TMG   Eglin   US
28.TES   Eglin   US
29.TrainSysS   Eglin   US
29.TrainSysS/Det.3   Barksdale   US
29.TrainSysS/Det.4   Dyess   US
29.TrainSysS/Det.5   Whiteman   US
29.TrainSysS/OL-A   Offutt   US
29.TrainSysS/OL-AA   Holloman   US
29.TrainSysS/OL-AC   Cannon   US
29.TrainSysS/OL-AD   Luke   US
29.TrainSysS/OL-AF   Tinker   US
29.TrainSysS/OL-AH   Hill   US
53.CompSysS   Eglin   US
59.TES   Nellis   US
OFP CTF HH-60G Groom Lake   US
53.TMG/Det.1   Barksdale   US
53.TMG/Det.2   Whiteman   US
53.TMG/Det.3   Dyess   US
53.TMG/Det.4   Creech   US
   53.TEG   Nellis   US
31.TES   Edwards   US
49.TES B-52H Barksdale   US
72.TES B-2A Whiteman   US
85.TES F-15C/E,F-16C/D Eglin OT US
337.TES B-1B Dyess OT US
422.TES F-15C/E, F-16C/D, F-22A Nellis OT US
556.TES MQ-1, MQ-9 Creech OT US
53.TEG/Det.2 RQ-4A Beale OT US
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   53.WEG   Tyndall   US
53.TSS   Tyndall TD US
82.ARTS E-9A,T-38A,QF-4E,BQM-167 Tyndall TD US
82.ARTS/Det.1 QF-4E, QRF-4C, C-12J Holloman TD US
83.FWS   Tyndall TD US
86.FWS   Eglin TD US
86.FWS/Det.1   Hill TD US
57.WG   Nellis WA US
      57.OG   Nellis WA US
66.RQS HH-60G Nellis WA US
    57.ATG   Nellis WA US
414.CTS "Red Flag" Nellis WA US
64.AggS F-16C Nellis WA US
65.AggS F-15C Nellis WA US
Combat Rescue Sc HH-60G Nellis WA US
Thunderbirds ADS F-16C/D Nellis WA US
     USAFWS   Nellis WA US
8.WPS EC-130H, E-3C, E-8C Nellis WA US
14.WPS AC-130H/U, MC-130H Hurlburt Field WA US
16.WPS F-16C Nellis WA US
17.WPS F-15E Nellis WA US
19.WPS Intelligence Nellis WA US
26.WPS MQ-1, MQ-9 Creech WA US
34.WPS HH-60G Nellis WA US
66.WPS A-10C Nellis WA US
77.WPS B-1B Dyess WA US
328.WPS Space Systems Nellis WA US
340.WPS B-52H Barksdale WA US
433.WPS F-15C/D, F-22A Nellis WA US
715.WPS B-2A Whiteman WA US
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(A) = Associate (Personell only units)

AACS = Airborne Air Control Squadron

ACCS = Airborne Command & Control Squadron
ACS = Air Control Squadron

ACW = Air Control Wing
AF = Air Force

AggS = Aggressor Squadron
ARTS = Aerial Target Squadron
AS = Airlift Squadron
ATG = Aggressor Tactics Group
AW = Airlift Wing
BS = Bomber Squadron
BW = Bomber Wing
CTS = Combat Training Squadron

CompSysS = Computer Systems Squadron
EAS = Expeditionary Airlift Squadron

ECG = Electronic Combat Group

ECS = Electronic Combat Squadron

EFS = Expeditionary Fighter Squadron

EOS = Expeditionary Operations Squadron

FS = Fighter Squadron

FTU = Formal Training Unit
FW = Fighter Wing
FWS = Fighter Weapons Squadron

InfoOpS = Information Operations Squadron

OG = Operations Group
OL = Operations Location

OFP CTF = Operational Flight Program Combined Test Force
OSS = Operation Support Squadron
RQS = Rescue Squadron
RQW = Rescue Wing
RS = Reconnaissance Squadron
RW = Reconnaissance Wing
TS = Test Squadron
TES = Test & Evaluation Squadron
TEG = Test & Evaluation Group

TMG = Test Management Group

TSS = Test Support Squadron
WEG = Weapons Evaluation Group
WG = Wing

WPS = Weapons Squadron


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