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Air Mobility Command

Current Order of Battle:

 18th AF     Scott AFB,IL
-    6th AMW             MacDill AFB,FL
-    11th WG              Andrews AFB,DC
-    19th AW              Little Rock AFB,AR
-    22nd ARW           McConnell AFB,KS
-    43rd AW (A)         Pope AAF,Fort Bragg,NC
-    60th AMW           Travis AFB,CA
-    62nd AW             McChord AFB,WA
-    89th AW              Andrews AFB,MD
-    92nd ARW           Fairchild AFB,WA
-    305th AMW         JB McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst,NJ
-    317th AW            Dyess AFB,TX
-    375th AMW         Scott AFB,IL
-    436th AW            Dover AFB,DE
-    437th AW            Charleston AFB,SC





18.AF   Travis US
6.AMW   MacDill US
91.ARS KC-135R MacDill US
310.AS C-37A MacDill US
911.AS (A) KC-135R Seymour Johnson US
11.WG   Andrews US
1.HS UH-1N Andrews US
19.AW   Little Rock US
41.AS C-130J Little Rock US
50.AS C-130H Little Rock US
53.AS C-130J Little Rock US
61.AS C-130H Little Rock US
345.AS (A) C-130J Keesler US
22.ARW   McConnell US
64.ARS (A) KC-135R Pease ANGB/NH US
344.ARS KC-135R/T McConnell US
349.ARS KC-135R/T McConnell US
350.ARS KC-135R/T McConnell US
384.ARS KC-135R/T McConnell US
43.AW (A)   Pope AAF/Fort Bragg US
2.AS (A) C-130H Pope AAF/Fort Bragg US
60.AMW   Travis US
6.ARS KC-10A Travis US
9.ARS KC-10A Travis US
21.AS C-17A Travis US
22.AS C-5B Travis US
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62.AW   McChord US
4.AS C-17A McChord US
7.AS C-17A McChord US
8.AS C-17A McChord US
10.AS C-17A McChord US
89.AW   Andrews US
PresidentFl VC-25A Andrews US
1.AS C-12C/D, C-32A, C-40B Andrews US
99.AS C-20B/C, C-37A Andrews US
92.ARW   Fairchild US
92.ARS KC-135R/T Fairchild US
93.ARS KC-135R/T Fairchild US
912.ARS (A) KC-135R March US
305.AMW   JB McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst US
2.ARS KC-10A JB McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst US
6.AS C-17A JB McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst US
32.ARS KC-10A JB McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst US
317.AW   Dyess US
39.AS C-130J Dyess US
40.AS C-130J Dyess US
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375.AMW   Scott US
54.AS (A) C-40C Scott US
311.AS C-21A Peterson US
457.AS C-21A Andrews US
458.AS C-21A Scott US
906.ARS (A) KC-135R Scott US
436.AW   Dover US
3.AS C-17A Dover US
9.AS C-5M Dover US
437.AW   Charleston US
14.AS C-17A Charleston US
15.AS C-17A Charleston US
16.AS C-17A (SOLL) Charleston US
17.AS C-17A Charleston US
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(A) = Associate (Personell only units)

AF = Air Force
AG = Airlift Group
AMW = Air Mobility Wing
ARS = Aerial Refueling Squadron
ARW = Aerial Refueling Wing
AS = Airlift Squadron
AW = Airlift Wing
HS = Helicopter Squadron

JB = Joint Base
OL = Operations Location

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