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Air Force Reserve Command

Current Order of Battle:

 4th AF     March AFB,CA  10th AF    NAS Fort Worth JRB,TX
-    Transport units
-    Tanker units  22nd AF   Dobbins AFB,GA





Code State


Robins   US
4.AF   March   US
  Transport Units      
    349.AMW (A)   Travis   US
301.AS (A) C-17A Travis   US
312.AS (A) C-5B Travis   US
70.ARS (A) KC-10A Travis   US
79.ARS (A) KC-10A Travis   US
433.AW   Kelly Field Annex   US
68.AS C-5A Kelly Field Annex   US
356.AS (FTU) C-5A Kelly Field Annex   US
733.TRS C-5A Kelly Field Annex   US
445.AW   Wright-Patterson   US
89.AS C-17A Wright-Patterson   US
446.AW (A)   McChord   US
97.AS (A) C-17A McChord   US
313.AS (A) C-17A McChord   US
728.AS (A) C-17A McChord   US
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452.AMW   March   US
336.ARS KC-135R March   US
729.AS C-17A March   US
932.AW   Scott   US
73.AS C-40C Scott   US
  Tanker Units      
434.ARW   Grissom   US
72.ARS KC-135R Grissom   US
74.ARS KC-135R Grissom   US
459.ARW   Andrews   US
756.AS KC-135R Andrews   US
507.ARW   Tinker   US
465.ARS KC-135R Tinker   US
916.ARW   Seymour Johnson   US
77.ARS KC-135R Seymour Johnson   US
927.ARW (A)   McDill   US
63.ARS (A) KC-135R McDill   US
931.ARG (A)   McConnell   US
18.ARS (A) KC-135R McConnell   US
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10.AF   Fort Worth   US
44.FG (A)   Holloman   US
301.FS (A) F-22A Holloman   US
301.FW   Fort Worth TF US
457.FS F-16C/D Fort Worth TF US

         340.FTG (A)

  Randolph   US
5.FTS (A) T-1A, T-6A, T-38C Vance   US
39.FTS (A) T-1A, T-6A, T-38C Randolph   US
43.FTS (A) T-1A, T-6A, T-38C Columbus   US
96.FTS (A) T-1A, T-6A, T-38C Laughlin   US
97.FTS (A) T-6A, T-38C Sheppard   US
307.BW   Barksdale BD US
93.BS (FTU) B-52H Barksdale BD US
343.BS (A) B-52H Barksdale   US
419.FW (A)   Hill   US
466.FS (A) F-16C/D Hill   US
442.FW   Whiteman KC US
47.FS A-10C Barksdale BD US
303.FS A-10C Whiteman KC US
476.FG (A)   Moody   US
76.FS (A) A-10C Moody   US
477.FG (A)   Elmendorf   US
302.FS (A) F-22A Elmendorf   US
482.FW   Homestead FM US
93.FS F-16C/D Homestead FM US
513.ACG (A)   Tinker   US
970.AACS (A) E-3B/C Tinker   US
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919.SOW   Duke Field   US
6.SOS C-145A Duke Field   US
711.SOS MC-130E Duke Field   US
920.RQW   Patrick FL US
39.RQS HC-130N/P Patrick FL US
301.RQS HH-60G Patrick FL US
308.RQS (PJ)   Patrick FL US


  Davis Monthan   US
304.RQS (PJ)   Portland   US
305.RQS HH-60G Davis Monthan DR US
306.RQS (PJ)   Davis Monthan   US
926.G (A)   Nellis   US
78.RS (A) MQ-1 Creech   US
940.WG (A)   Beale   US
13.RS (A) RQ-4A/B Beale   US
944.FW (A)   Luke   US
69.FS (A) F-16C/D Luke   US

   414.FG (A)

  Seymour Johnson   US
307.FS (A) F-15E Seymour Johnson   US

   924.FG (A)

  Davis Monthan   US
45.FS (A) A-10C Davis Monthan   US
22.AF   Dobbins   US
94.AW   Dobbins DB US
700.AS C-130H Dobbins DB US
302.AW   Peterson CR US
52.AS (AC) (A) C-130H Peterson CR US
731.AS C-130H Peterson CR US
       315.AW (A)   Charleston   US
300.AS (A) C-17A Charleston   US
317.AS (A) C-17A Charleston   US
701.AS (A) C-17A Charleston   US
403.WG   Keesler KT US
53.WRS WC-130J Kessler KT US
815.AS C-130J Keesler KT US
439.AW   Westover   US
337.AS C-5A Westover   US
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440.AW   Pope AAF/Fort Bragg   US
95.AS C-130H Pope AAF/Fort Bragg   US
     512.AW (A)   Dover   US
326.AS (A) C-17A Dover   US
709.AS (A) C-5M Dover   US
       514.AMW (A)   JB McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst   US
76.ARS (A) KC-10A JB McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst   US
78.ARS (A) KC-10A JB McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst   US
732.AS (A) C-17A JB McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst   US
908.AW   Maxwell MX US
357.AS C-130H Maxwell MX US
910.AW   Youngstown YO US
757.AS C-130H Youngstown YO US
773.AS C-130H Youngstown YO US
911.AW   Pittsburgh PI US
758.AS C-130H Pittsburgh PI US
914.AW   Niagara Falls NF US
328.AS C-130H Niagara Falls NF US
934.AW   Minneapolis MS US
96.AS C-130H Minneapolis MS US
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(A) = Associate (Personell only units)
(AC) = Active Component

AACS = Airborne Air Control Squadron
ACG = Air Control Group
AF = Air Force
AMW = Air Mobility Wing
APS = Aerial Port Squadron
ARS = Aerial Refueling Squadron
ARW = Aerial Refueling Wing
AS = Airlift Squadron
AW = Airlift Wing
BS = Bomber Squadron
FS = Fighter Squadron
FW = Fighter Wing
FTG = Flying Training Group
FTS = Flying Training Squadron

FTU = Formal Training Unit

JB = Joint Base

NAS = Naval Air Station
PJ = Parajumper

RQS = Rescue Squadron
RQW = Rescue Wing

RS = Reconnaissance Squadron
RW = Reconnaissance Wing
SOS = Special Operations Squadron
SOW = Special Operations Wing

TS = Training Squadron 
WG = Wing
WRS = Weather Reconnaissance Squadron

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