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U.S. Air Forces in Europe

Current Order of Battle:





Code State


Ramstein, Germany   GE
3.AF   Ramstein, Germany   GE
31.FW   Aviano, Italy AV IT
510.FS F-16C/D Aviano, Italy AV IT
555.FS F-16C/D Aviano, Italy AV IT
39.ABW   Incirlik, Turkey   TR
39.OSS   Incirlik, Turkey   TR
425.ABG   Izmir, Turkey   TR
48.FW   RAF Lakenheath, UK LN GB
56.RQS HH-60G RAF Lakenheath, UK LN GB
492.FS F-15E RAF Lakenheath, UK LN GB
493.FS F-15C/D RAF Lakenheath, UK LN GB
494.FS F-15E RAF Lakenheath, UK LN GB
52.FW   Spangdahlem, Germany SP GE
     52.OG   Spangdahlem, Germany SP GE
81.FS A-10C Spangdahlem, Germany SP GE
480.FS F-16C/D Spangdahlem, Germany SP GE
606.ACS   Spangdahlem, Germany   GE
52.OG/Det.1   Lask/Poland   GE
     38.MunMainG   Spangdahlem, Germany   GE
701.MunSuppS   Klein Brogel, Belgium   BE
702.MunSuppS   Büchel, Germany   GE
703.MunSuppS   Volkel, Netherlands   NL
704.MunSuppS   Ghedi, Italy   NL
65.ABW   Layes, Portugal   PO
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86.AW   Ramstein, Germany RS GE
     86.OG   Ramstein, Germany RS GE
37.AS C-130J Ramstein, Germany RS GE
76.AS C-20H,C-21A,C-37A Ramstein, Germany RS GE
309.AS C-37A Chievres, Belgium RS BE
86.OG/Det.3 C-21A Echterdingen AAF, Germany RS GE
100.ARW   RAF Mildenhall, UK   GB
351.ARS KC-135R RAF Mildenhall, UK D GB
501.CSW   RAF Alconbury, UK   GB
420.ABG   RAF Fairford, UK   GB
420.MunS/420.ABG   RAF Welford, UK   GB
421.ABG   RAF Menwith Hill, UK   GB
422.ABG   RAF Crougthon, UK   GB
423.ABG   RAF Alconbury, UK   GB
423.ABG/OL-B   RAF Molesworth, UK   GB
426.ABS   Stavanger, Norway   NO
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428.ABG   Stuttgart, Germany   GE
435.AGOW   Ramstein, Germany   GE
470.ABS   Geilenkirchen, Germany   GE
470.ABS/OL-B   Kalkar, Germany   GE
470.ABS/OL-C   Brunssum, Netherlands   NL


  Moron, Spain   ES
496.ABS   Moron, Spain   ES
712.MunS   Camp Darby, Italy   IT
779.EAF C-17A Ramstein, Germany   GE
FOL MQ-9 Arber Minch/Arber Minch AP/ Ethiopia   ET


AAF = Army Air Field

ABG = Air Base Group
ABS = Air Base Squadron
ABW = Air Base Wing
ACS = Air Control Squadron
AEG = Air Expeditionary Group

AEW = Air Expeditionary Wing
AF = Air Force
ARS = Aerial Refueling Squadron
ARW = Aerial Refueling Wing
AS = Airlift Squadron
AW = Airlift Wing
CSW = Combat Support Wing

EAF = Expeditionary Airlift Flight
FS = Fighter Squadron
FW = Fighter Wing
MedS = Medical Squadron
MunS = Munition Squadron

MunSuppS = Munition Support Squadron
OG = Operations Group
OSS = Operation Support Squadron
WG = Wing

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