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Pacific Air Forces

Current Order of Battle:





Code State


Hickam   US
15.WG   Hickam   US
65.AS C-37A, C-40B Hickam   US
96.ARS (A) KC-135R Hickam HH US
535.AS C-17A Hickam HH US


  Andersen   GU
497.FTS   Paya Lebar   SI


  Hickam   US
13.AEG   Hickam   US
139.EAS LC-130H Hickam   US
139.EAS/Det.1 LC-130H Christchurch   NZ
139.EAS/Det.2 LC-130H McMurdo Station   AN
304.EAS C-17A Hickam   US
5.AF   Yokota   JA
18.WG   Kadena ZZ JA
44.FS F-15C/D Kadena ZZ JA
67.FS F-15C/D Kadena ZZ JA
31.RQS   Kadena ZZ JA
33.RQS HH-60G Kadena ZZ JA
33.RQS/Det.1 HH-60G Osan ZZ SK
33.RQS/Det.2 HH-60G Misawa ZZ JA
909.ARS KC-135R Kadena ZZ JA
909.ARS/Det.1 KC-135R Andersen ZZ GU
961.AACS E-3C Kadena ZZ JA
35.FW   Misawa WW JA
13.FS F-16C/D Misawa WW JA
14.FS F-16C/D Misawa WW JA
374.AW   Yokota YJ JA
36.AS C-130H Yokota YJ JA
459.AS C-12J, UH-1N Yokota YJ JA
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7.AF (Air Forces Korea) Osan   SK
8.FW   Kunsan WP SK
35.FS F-16C/D Kunsan WP SK
80.FS F-16C/D Kunsan WP SK
51.FW   Osan OS SK
25.FS A-10C Osan OS SK
36.FS F-16C/D Osan OS SK
11.AF   Elmendorf   US
3.WG   Elmendorf AK US
90.FS F-22A Elmendorf AK US
525.FS F-22A Elmendorf AK US
517.AS C-17A, C-12F Elmendorf AK US
962.AACS E-3B Elmendorf AK US
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354.FW   Eielson AK US
18.AggS F-16C/D Eielson AK US
353.CTS Red Flag Alaska Eielson AK US
353.CTS/Det.1 Red Flag Alaska Elmendorf AK US
353.CTS/353.RangeDiv   Yukon AFR AK US
353.CTS/353.RangeDiv   Oklahoma AFR AK US
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AACS = Airborne Air Control Squadron
ABW = Air Base Wing

AEG = Air Expeditionary Group
AF = Air Force
AF = Airlift Flight
AFR = Air Force Range
ARS = Aerial Refueling Squadron
AS = Airlift Squadron
AW = Airlift Wing

FS = Fighter Squadron
FTS = Flying Training Squadron
FW = Fighter Wing

JTF-SFA = Joint Task Force-Support Forces Antarctica, Operation Deep Freeze
RQS = Rescue Squadron
WG = Wing

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