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Air Education and Training Command

Current Order of Battle:

2nd AF     Keesler AFB,MS  
-    17th TrainW    Goodfellow AFB,TX -    82nd TrainW       Sheppard AFB,TX
-    37th TrainW    Lackland AFB,TX -    381st TrainG       Vandenberg AFB,CA
-    81st TrainW    Keesler AFB,MS  
19th AF     Randolph AFB,TX  
-    12th FTW       Randolph AFB,TX -    80th FTW       Sheppard AFB,TX
-    14th FTW       Columbus AFB,MS -    97th FTW       Altus AFB,OK
-    33rd FW         Eglin AFB,FL -    306th FTG      Colorado Springs,CO
-    47th FTW       Laughlin AFB,TX -    314th AW       Little Rock AFB,AR
-    56th FTW       Luke AFB,AZ -    336th TG        Fairchild AFB,WA
-    58th SOW      Kirtland AFB,NM -    479th FTG      NAS Pensacola,FL
-    71st FTW       Vance AFB,OK  
Direct Reporting Unit  
-    Air Force Academy Colorado Springs,CO  
-    34th TrainW           Colorado Springs,CO  





Code State





  AIR FORCE ACADEMY  Colorado Springs    US
34.TrainW   Colorado Springs   US
34.EducationGr   Colorado Springs   US
34.TrainGr   Colorado Springs   US
2.AF   Keesler   US

no aircraft assigned

Goodfellow   US
311.TechTrainS   Monterey   US
312.TechTrainS   Goodfellow   US
313.TechTrainS   Corry Station   US
314.TechTrainS   Fort Huachuca   US
315.TechTrainS   Goodfellow   US
316.TechTrainS   Goodfellow   US

no aircraft assigned

Lackland   US
   37.TrainG   Lackland   US
341.TrainS   Lackland   US
342.TrainS   Lackland   US
342.TrainS/Det.3   Hurlburt Field   US
343.TrainS   Lackland   US
343.TrainS/Det.1   Camp Bullis   US
344.TrainS   Lackland   US
345.TrainS   Lackland   US
345.TrainS/Det.1 Vehicle Maint School Port Hueneme   US
   737.TrainG   Lackland   US
319.TrainS   Lackland   US
320.TrainS   Lackland   US
321.TrainS   Lackland   US
322.TrainS   Lackland   US
323.TrainS   Lackland   US
324.TrainS   Lackland   US
331.TrainS   Lackland   US
   937.TrainG   Fort Sam Houston   US
381.TrainS   Fort Sam Houston   US
382.TrainS   Fort Sam Houston   US
383.TrainS   Fort Sam Houston   US
384.TrainS   Fort Sam Houston   US
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81.TrainW   Keesler   US
332.TechTrainS   Keesler   US
333.TechTrainS   Keesler   US
334.TechTrainS   Keesler   US
335.TechTrainS   Keesler   US
335.TechTrainS/Det.4   Fort Meade   US
336.TechTrainS   Keesler   US
338.TechTrainS   Keesler   US
338.TechTrainS/Det.1   Fort Gordon   US

no aircraft assigned

Sheppard   US
   82.TrainG   Sheppard   US
361.TrainS   Goodfellow   US
361.TrainS/Det.2   NAS Pensacola   US
362.TrainS   Sheppard   US
362.TrainS/OL-H   MCAS New River   US
363.TrainS   Sheppard   US
   782.TrainG   Sheppard   US
364.TrainS   Sheppard   US
365.TrainS   Sheppard   US
366.TrainS   Sheppard   US
366.TrainS/Det.7   Fort Leonard Wood   US
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   982.TrainG   Sheppard   US
372.TrainS   Sheppard   US
372.TrainS/Det.2   Shaw   US
372.TrainS/Det.4   Langley   US
372.TrainS/Det.6   Whiteman   US


  Ellsworth   US
372.TrainS/Det.9   Cannon   US
372.TrainS/Det.10   Holloman   US
372.TrainS/Det.11   Davis Monthan   US
372.TrainS/Det.12   Luke   US
372.TrainS/Det.13   Nellis   US
372.TrainS/Det.13/OL-A   Hill   US



Elmendort   US
372.TrainS/Det.15   Kadena   JA
372.TrainS/Det.16/OL-A   Mildenhall   GB
372.TrainS/Det.17   Spangdahlem   GE
372.TrainS/Det.17/OL-A   Ramstein   GE
372.TrainS/Det.17/OL-B   Aviano   IT
373.TrainS   Sheppard   US
373.TrainS/Det.2   Pope   US
373.TrainS/Det.3   Dover   US
373.TrainS/Det.4   Little Rock   US
373.TrainS/Det.6   Robins   US
373.TrainS/Det.7   Hurlburt Field   US
373.TrainS/Det.11   Offutt   US
373.TrainS/Det.12   McChord   US
373.TrainS/Det.13   Fairchild   US
373.TrainS/Det.14   Travis   US
373.TrainS/Det.15   Beale   US
373.TrainS/Det.17   Moody   US

no aircraft assigned

Vandenberg   US
392.TrainS   Vandenberg   US
532.TrainS   Vandenberg   US
533.TrainS   Vandenberg   US
533.TrainS/Det.1   Colorado Springs   US
19.AF   Randolph   US
12.FTW   Randolph RA US
99.FTS T-1A Randolph RA US
435.FTS T-38C Randolph RA US
558.FTS T-6A Randolph RA US
559.FTS T-6A Randolph RA US
560.FTS T-38C Randolph RA US
14.FTW   Columbus CB US
37.FTS T-6A Columbus CB US
41.FTS T-6A Columbus CB US
48.FTS T-1A Columbus CB US
49.FTS T-38C Columbus CB US
50.FTS T-38C Columbus CB US
33.FW   Eglin EG US
58.FS F-35A Eglin EG US
VFA-101 Grim Reapers (USN) F-35C Eglin EG US
VMFAT-501 Warlords (USMC) F-35B Eglin EG US
47.FTW   Laughlin XL US
85.FTS T-6A Laughlin XL US
86.FTS T-1A Laughlin XL US
87.FTS T-38C Laughlin XL US
434.FTS T-6A Laughlin XL US
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56.FTW   Luke LF US
21.FS (RoCAF training) F-16A/B Luke LF US
62.FS F-16C/D Luke LF US
308.FS F-16C/D Luke LF US
309.FS F-16C/D Luke LF US
310.FS F-16C/D Luke LF US
425.FS (RoSAF training) F-16C/D Luke LF US
58.SOW   Kirtland   US
23.FTS TH-1H Fort Rucker   US
36.RQF UH-1N Fairchild FC US
71.SOS CV-22B Kirtland   US
415.SOS MC-130J, HC-130J Kirtland   US
512.SOS HH-60G, UH-1N Kirtland   US
550.SOS MC-130H/P, HC-130N/P Kirtland   US
71.FTW   Vance VN US
3.FTS T-38C Vance VN US
8.FTS T-6A Vance VN US
25.FTS T-38C Vance VN US
32.FTS T-1A Vance VN US
33.FTS T-6A Vance VN US
80.FTW   Sheppard EN US
88.FTS T-38C Sheppard EN US
89.FTS T-6A Sheppard EN US
90.FTS T-38C Sheppard EN US
459.FTS T-6A Sheppard EN US
469.FTS T-38C Sheppard EN US
97.FTW   Altus   US
54.ARS KC-135R Altus   US
58.FTS C-17A Altus   US
306.FTG   Colorado Springs AF US
94.FTS TG-14,TG-16,Cessna 150 Colorado Springs AF US
98.FTS UV-18A/B Peterson AF US
557.FTS T-52A, T-53A Colorado Springs AF US
314.AW   Little Rock   US
45.AS C-21A Keesler KS US
48.AS C-130J Little Rock   US
62.AS C-130H Little Rock   US
714.TS   Little Rock   US
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336.TG   Fairchild FC US
22.TS   Fairchild FC US
66.TS   Fairchild FC US
66.TS/Det.1  Artic Survival School Eielson FC US
66.TS/Det.2 Water Survival School NAS Pensacola FC US
479.FTG   NAS Pensacola AP US
451.FTS T-1A NAS Pensacola AP US
455.FTS T-1A NAS Pensacola AP US
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AF = Air Force
ARS = Aerial Refueling Squadron
AS = Airlift Squadron
AW = Airlift Wing
FS = Fighter Squadron
FTS = Flying Training Squadron
FTW = Flying Training Wing

MCAS = Marine Corps Air Statioon

NAS = Naval Air Station
RQF = Rescue Flight
RQS = Rescue Squadron
SOS = Special Operations Squadron

SOW = Special Operations Wing

SUPT = Specialized Undergraduate Pilot Training
TechTrainS = Technical Training Squadron

TG = Training Group
TS = Training Squadron

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