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U.S. Customs and Border Protection Aviation

Historical Order of Battle (as at 2009):

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Base Location Type

U.S. Customs and Border Protection

HQ   Washington, DC
Air and Marine Operations Center (AMOC) Riverside/March ARB, CA
Air & Marine National Training Center Oklahoma City,OK
Drug Interdiction Operations Center San Juan,PR
Bellingham Air & Marine Branch Bellingham IAP, WA

2x Cessna 550, 1x UH-60A,

2x AS-350B, 1x PC-12, 1x Cessna 206

Caribbean Air & Marine Branch Aquadilla/Hernandez AP, PR

1x Dash-8, 3x C-12C/M, 4x UH-60A,

2x AS-350B, 1x OH-6A

El Paso Air Branch El Paso IAP, TX

2x C-28A, Cessna 182, 1x Cessna 206, Cessna 210, OH-6A, MD-600N, 1x UH-60A, AS-350B

Albuquerque Air Unit Kirtland AFB, NM

Cessna 210, 2x Cessna 550, 2x C-12C,

1x UH-60A, AS-350B

Deming Air Unit Deming MAP, NM


Great Falls Air Branch Great Falls IAP, MT

2x Cessna 550, 2x UH-60A, 1x PC-12

Havre Air Unit Havre, MT n/a
Great Lakes Air & Marine Branch Selfridge ANGB, IL

1x Cessna 210, 2x Cessna 550,

2x C-12C/M, 2x Dash-8, 2x AS-350B, 2x UH-60A,1x EC-120B

Grand Forks Air Branch Grand Forks AFB, ND

1x Cessna 182, 2x Cessna 550, 2x

Cessna 206, 1x PC-12, 2x UH-60A, 1x AS-350B, 2x EC-120B, 2x MQ-9

Houlton Air Branch Houlton IAP, ME

1x Cessna 206, OH-6A, 1x MD-369E

Houston Air Branch Wayne Hook MAP,Spring,TX

2x Cessna 210, 3x Cessna 550,

2x AS-350B

Kansas City Air Unit Kansas City, KS n/a
Jacksonville Air & Marine Branch NAS Jacksonville, FL

5x PA-42 Cheyenne, 1x Cessna 210,

AS-350B, 3x MD-369E

Tampa Air Unit Clearwater IAP, FL n/a
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Miami Air & Marine Branch Homestead ARB, FL

4x C-12C/M, 1x Cessna 206, 1x Cessna 210, 4x Cessna 550, 1x Dash-8,

4x UH-60A, 2x AB-139, 2x AS-350B

New Orleans Air & Marine Branch

Hammond MAP, LA

3x Cessna 210, 3x Cessna 550,

2x C-12C, 2x AS-350B

Pensacola Air Unit NAS Whiting Field, FL 1x C-12C
Cincinnati Air Unit Lukin Field, OH 1x AS-350B
Plattsburgh Air Branch Plattsburgh IAP, NY 1x PC-12, 1x Cessna 210, 1x UH-60A, 2x AS-350B
New York Air Unit Ronkonkoma/MacArthur AP, NY Cessna 550, UH-60A, AS-350B
San Angelo Air Branch Mathis Field, TX

C-12, 2x Cessna 206, 1x Cessna 550,


San Antonio Air Unit San Antonio IAP, TX 1x Cessna 206, 1x Cessna 500, 1x C-12
San Diego Air & Marine Branch NAS North Island, CA

1x Cessna 206, 3x Cessna 210,

4x Cessna 550, 1x C-12C, 3x AS-350B, 4x UH-1H, 3x UH-60A, 3x MD-369E,

3x MD-600N, 2x OH-6A

Riverside Air Unit March ARB, CA AS-350B
Sacramento Air Unit Mather AP, CA n/a
Tucson Air Branch Davis Monthan AFB, AZ

1x Cessna 206, 2x Cessna 210,

5x Cessna 550, 4x UH-60A,

2x AS-350B

Phoenix Air Unit Williams Gateway AP, AZ 1x C-12C, 1x UH-60A
UAS Operation Center Libby AAF/Fort Huachuca, AZ 3x MQ-9
Yuma Air Branch MCAS Yuma, AZ Cessna 182, OH-6A, AS-350B, UH-1H
Standardization and Training Branch Oklahoma City/Will Rogers AP, OK

Cessa, 210, 2x Cessna 550, 2x C-12C,


Surveillance Support Branch West NAS Corpus Christi, TX 5x P-3AEW, 4x P-3A, 1x P-3B
Surveillance Support Branch East Cecil Field, FL 3x P-3AEW, 3x P-3B
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