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Unit History

AIRFAC Norfolk

Role: Surveillance.

Coast Guard Airborne Warning Squadron One (CGAW-1) was fomed with 2 E-2C on 22.1.1987 at AIRFAC Norfolk. At the end of two and one half years of operation, the talley was 8,511 lbs of cocaine, 10,440 lbs of marijuana, 20 aircraft and 9 boats confiscated, and 52 bad guys in jail, with just the first two aircraft. On 31.7.1989 Air Facility Norfolk (CGAW-1) was disestablished and relocated to AIRSTA St. Augustine, Florida, at a Grumman facility, on 1.8.1989 with two additional E-2C.

Air Bases:
Base Duration
AIRFAC Norfolk/NAS Norfolk/VA 1987 - 1989

Aircraft Used:
Type Qty Service Example Serials
Grumman E-2C Hawkeye 9 1987 - 1989 3501-3509


Unit Insignia:


AIRFAC Norfolk


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