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Patrol Squadron Six (Coast Guard) (VP-6 (CG))

Role: ASW, Patrol.

Patrol Squadron Six (Coast Guard) (VP-6 (CG)) was established as a Guard squadron under Navy operational control at NAS Argentia, Newfoundland/Canada on 5.10.1943, relieving VB-126. Squadron personnel had actually been arriving since 23.7.1943. Upon arrival they commenced training and indoctrination in cold weather operations. The squadron's home port was NAF Narsarssuaq, Greenland, code name Bluie West-One (BW-1). Upon establishment it came under the operational control of CTF-24, and administrative control of Fleet Air Wing 9 (FAW-9). Personnel matters continued to be handled by Coast Guard Headquarters. The squadron flew the PBY-5A Catalina, with ten aircraft (one designated as a spare). Operational flights began on 13.10.1943, after the first three PBY-5A Catalina's arrived at Narsarssuaq. Two of the squadron's nine operational aircraft were detached to NAS Argentia. These aircraft and crews were rotated frequently to allow maintenance and repair work to be done on the other seven.

In May 1944 the field at BW-1 was becoming crowded with aircraft making emergency landings while enroute to Europe. The squadron complement of aircraft was also increased at this time, from 10 PBY-5A Catalina's to 12. This did not add to the overcrowding at the field, as most of the squadron's aircraft were dispersed to remote bases. A detachment of two aircraft was sent to RAFB Reykjavik, Iceland, operating in conjunction with the RAF Coastal Command, to provide coverage and air support to vessels conducting operations against the Germans in waters off northeastern Greenland from July to August 1944. Patrol Squadron Six (Coast Guard) (VP-6 (CG)) was designated Patrol Bombing Squadron Six (Coast Guard) (VPB-6 (CG)) on 1.10.1944. On 1.11.1944 the detachment at NAS Argentia was increased to three aircraft. Two more aircraft were sent to work with the RAF Coastal Command at Reykjavik.

In December 1944 six aircraft remained at NAF Narsarssuak, with the other four at NAS Argentia, until April 1945. The squadron then increased the Argentia detachment by one aircraft. In June 1945 VPB-6 (CG) complement of aircraft was reduced from nine to six, with one spare. On 12.7.1945 VPB-6 was transferred back to the control of Commander, U. S. Coast Guard and it was redesignated a noncombat squadron. In August 1945, VPB-6 received a directive to transfer its base headquarters from BW-1 to NAS Argentia, where it was disestablished as a Navy squadron in January 1946. The USCG reverted to control of the Dept. of Commerce and the assets of the squadron became the basis for Air Detachment, North Atlantic Ocean Patrol and later CGAS Argentia.

Air Bases:
Base Duration
NAF Narsarssuaq/Greenland 1943 - 1945
NAS Argentia/Newfoundland/Canada 1945 - 1946

Aircraft Used:
Type Qty Service Example Serials
Consolidated PBY-5A Catalina 12 1943 - 1946 n/a


Unit Insignia:


VP-6 (CG)


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