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Current Order of Battle:

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Base Location Type

U.S. Coast Guard

HQ   Washington, DC

Force Readiness Command (FORCECOM)

HQ   Alameda,CA
HITRON Jacksonville Cecil Field 7x MH-65C, 3x MH-65D

ATC Mobile, AL

Bates Field  
TRADIV/ATC Mobile, AL Bates Field

2x MH-65C, 3x MH-65D, 5x MH-60T,       3x HC-144A

OPDIV/ATC Mobile, AL Bates Field

4x HC-144A

ALC Elizabeth City RAP

2x MH-65C, MH-65C/D, MH-60T, C-27J, HC-144A (all TDY)

ATTC Elizabeth City RAP no aircraft

Operational Command (OPCOM)

HQ   Portsmouth, VA
  1st Coast Guard District Boston, MA

3x MH-60T, 3x HC-144A

  5th Coast Guard District Portsmouth, VA
AIRSTA Atlantic City, NJ Atlantic City AP 10x MH-65D
AIRSTA Washington Reagan NAP/VA 2x C-37A, 3x MH-65D (TDY)
AIRSTA Elizabeth City, NC Elizabeth City RAP

6 HC-130J, 6x MH-60T

  7th Coast Guard District Miami, FL
AIRSTA Borinquen, PR Rafael Hernandez AP 4x MH-65C
AIRSTA Clearwater, FL Clearwater IAP 7x HC-130H, 12x MH-60T
OPBAT, Bahamas NAS Andros Island 4x MH-60T (TDY)
AIRSTA Miami, FL Opa Locka AP

4x MH-65C, 1x MH-65D, 6x HC-144A

AIRSTA Key West, FL NAS Key West 1x MH-65C (TDY)
AVDET Guantanamo, Cuba NS Guantanamo Bay 1x MH-65C (TDY), 1x HC-144A (TDY)
AIRSTA Savannah, GA Hunter AAF 5x MH-65D
AIRFAC Charleston, SC Charleston AP/Johns Island 1x MH-65D (TDY)
  8th Coast Guard District New Orleans, LA
AIRSTA Corpus Christi, TX NAS Corpus Christi

3x MH-65C, 1x HC-144A

AIRSTA Houston, TX Ellington ANGB 3x MH-65D
AIRSTA New Orleans, LA NAS New Orleans 6x MH-65C, 1x MH-65D
  9th Coast Guard District Cleveland, OH
AIRSTA Detroit, MI Selfridge ANGB 1x MH-65C, 4x MH-65D
AIRFAC Muskegon, MI Muskegon AP 1x MH-65D (TDY)
AIRSTA Traverse City, MI Cherry County AP 1x MH-65C, 4x MH-65D
AIRFAC Waukegan, IL Waukegan RAP 1x MH-65D (TDY)
  11th Coast Guard District Alameda, CA
AIRSTA Humboldt Bay, CA Arcata AP 3x MH-65C
AIRSTA Los Angeles, CA Los Angeles IAP 3x MH-65C, 1x MH-65D
AIRSTA Sacremento, CA McClellan AFB 5x HC-130H
AIRSTA San Diego, CA AIRSTA San Diego 4x MH-60T
AIRSTA San Francisco, CA San Francisco IAP 2x MH-65C, 2x MH-65D
  13th Coast Guard District Seattle, WA
AIRSTA Astoria, OR Astoria RAP 3x MH-60T
AIRSTA North Bend, OR North Bend MAP 4x MH-65D
AIRFAC Newport, OR Newport MAP 1x MH-65D
AIRSTA Port Angeles, WA AIRSTA Port Angeles 3x MH-65D, 1x MH-60T
  14th Coast Guard District Honolulu, HI
AIRSTA Barbers Point, HI John Rodgers Field/Oahu 5x HC-130H, 3x MH-65C, 1x MH-65D
  17th Coast Guard District Juneau, AK
AIRSTA Kodiak, AK Kodiak AP

4x HC-130H, 6x MH-60T, 5x MH-65D

ASF Cordova, AK Cordova MAP 1x MH-60T (TDY)
AIRSTA Sitka, AK Rocky Gutierrez AP 3x MH-60T


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