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Historical Order of Battle (as at 1941):

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Base Location Type

U.S. Coast Guard

HQ Washington, DC  
Atlantic Area
  1st Naval District Boston, MA
AIRSTA Salem, MA   1x JRF-2, 1x J4F, 1x RD-4
  5th Naval District Portsmouth, VA
AIRSTA Brooklyn, NY NAS Floyd Bennett 2x JRF-3, 2x PH-3, 1x XR-30, 1x R50-1, 1x N3N, 1x J4F
AIRSTA Elizabeth City, NC Elizabeth City RAP

1x JRF-2, 1x J4F, 1x PH-3, 1x N3N,

1x J2K

  7th Naval District Miami, FL
Senior Coast Guard Officer   1x JRF-2
AIRSTA Miami, FL Opa Locka IAP 2x PH-2, 1x RD-4, 3x SOC-4
AIRSTA St. Petersburg, FL St. Petersburg AP 1x J4F, 2x N3N, 2x RD-4
  8th Naval District New Orleans, LA
AIRSTA Biloxi, MS Biloxi 1x JRF-2, 2x JF-2, 2x PH-2, 1x J4F
  9th Naval District Cleveland, OH
AIRSTA Traverse City, MI Cherry County AP 1x JRF-3, 1x J4F
Pacific Area
  12th Naval District Alameda, CA
AIRSTA San Diego, CA San Diego IAP 1x JF-2, 1x PH-2, 1x PH-3, 1x RD-4
AIRSTA San Francisco, CA San Francisco IAP

1x J4F, 1x JF-2, 2x PH-3, 2x RD-4,

1x PBY-5

  13th Naval District Seattle, WA
AIRSTA Port Angeles, WA AIRSTA Port Angeles 1x J4F, 1x JF-2, 1x JRF-2
  14th Naval District Honolulu, HI
Senior Coast Guard Officer Honolulu 1x JRF-2
USCGC Taney Honolulu 1x JF-2


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