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Historical Order of Battle (as at 1941):


 MAW-1     Quantico,VA  MAW-2     Ewa,HI
- MAG-11   Quantico,VA - MAG-21   Ewa,HI
Base Air Detachment 3  St Thomas, Virgin Islands




MAW-1   Quantico,VA
HQ JRB-2(1), SBC-4(1) Quantico,VA


SBD-1(2) Quantico,VA
VMF-111 Devil Dogs F4F-3A(15), SNJ-3(2) Quantico,VA
VMF-121 Green Knights F4F-3(20), SNJ-3(2) Quantico,VA
VMSB-131 Diamondbacks SB2U-3(18) Quantico,VA
VMB-1 Crying Red Asses SBD(19) Quantico,VA
VMO-151 Ali Baba SBC-4(12) Quantico,VA
VMJ-152 J2F-4(3), R3D(2), J2F-1(1), JO-2(1) Quantico,VA
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MAW-2   Ewa,HI


VMF-211 F4F-3(10), SNJ(1) Ewa,HI
VMF-211/Det.1 F4F-3(12) Wake Island
VMF-221 F2A-3(14) USS Saratoga (CV-3)
VMB-231 SB2U-3(18) USS Lexington (CV-2)
VMB-231/Det.1 SB2U-3(7) Ewa,HI
VMO-251 no aircraft NAS San Diego,CA

J2F-4(2), R3D-2(2), JO-2(1),

JRS-1(1), SBD-1(1), SB2U-3(1)

Base Air Detachment 3


St Thomas, Virgin Islands
VMS-3 J2F-4(7), JRF(1) St Thomas, Virgin Islands

Figures in brackets indicate number of aircraft flown in each squadron.


VMB = Marine Bombing Squadron

VMF = Marine Fighting Squadron

VMJ = Marine Utility Squadron

VMO = Marine Observation Squadron

VMS = Marine Scouting Squadron

VMSB = Marine Scouting Bombing Squadron
Det = Detachment


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