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Unit Histories:

This is the index page for the individual histories of all the flying units of the Israeli Air Force. Coverage of each unit includes a narrative history, tables of air bases and aircraft types used throughout its history.

The relevant unit insignia, usually carried on the tail fin of each aircraft, are illustrated in the accompanying drawings. Rudder markings are also included where appropriate, but personal markings and uniform patches have been excluded. Tables Note: Numbers in the Badge column refer to Figure numbers. Quantity figures are peak strengths. Squadron numbers omitted are ground support or administration units.

The information presented here is based on a series of articles first published in the magazine Small Air Forces Observer.

Un-numbered Units:
Flight School    
Flight Test Centre/MANAT    
Galilee Squadron    
Negev Squadron    
Palmach Flying Platoon    
Tel Aviv Squadron    
Numbered Squadrons:
1 Squadron     The Tel Nov Squadron
2 Squadron     The Negev Squadron
3 Squadron     The Galilee Squadron
4 Squadron     ?
35 Squadron     ?
69 Squadron     The Hammers Squadron
100 Squadron     The Flying Camel Squadron
101 Squadron     The First Fighter Squadron
102 (Reserve) Squadron     The Flying Tiger Squadron
103 Squadron     The Flying Elephant Squadron
105 Squadron     The Scorpion Squadron
106 Squadron     The Spear's Point Squadron
107 (Reserve) Squadron     The Lion Head Squadron
109 Squadron     The Valley Squadron
110 Squadron     The Knights of the North Squadron
113 Squadron     The Wasp Squadron
114 Squadron     The Night Leaders Squadron
115 Squadron     The Flying Dragon Squadron
116 Squadron     The Defenders of the South Squadron
117 Squadron     The First Jet Squadron
118 Squadron     The First Yassur Squadron
119 Squadron     The Bat Squadron
120 Squadron     The International Squadron
122 Squadron     The Dakota Squadron
123 Squadron     The Desert Birds Squadron
124 Squadron     The Rotating Swords Squadron
125 Squadron     The Light Helicopter Squadron
131 Squadron     The Yellow Bird Squadron
133 Squadron     The Twin Tail Squadron
135 Squadron     The Light Transportation Squadron
140 Squadron     The Golden Eagle Squadron
141 (Reserve) Squadron     The Goring Deer Squadron
143 (Reserve) Squadron     The Smashing Parrot Squadron
144 Squadron     The Guardians of the Arava Squadron
150 Squadron     ?
160 Squadron     The Northern Cobra Squadron
161 Squadron     The Southern Cobra Squadron
190 Squadron     The Magic Touch Squadron
192 Squadron     The Hawkeye Squadron
193 Squadron     The Shield of the West Squadron
195 Squadron     Maritime Surveillance Flight
199 Squadron     ?
200 Squadron     The UAV Squadron
201 Squadron     The One Squadron
248 Squadron     ?
252 (Reserve) Squadron     Flying School - Advanced Fighter Squadron
253 Squadron     The Negev Squadron
254 (Reserve) Squadron     The Midland Squadron
Unit 505     ?
601 Squadron     Flight Test Centre

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